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Antoine Chessex | Swiss Music Prize 2020

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Added on 20 December 2022


Antoine Chessex, born 1980 in Vevey, is a multifaceted composer, sound artist and saxophonist, whose work assumes a wide diversity of forms blurring the boundaries between Noise, audio deconstruction and artistic research while transversally exploring sonic imaginations.

As a performer and member of the band Monno, he radically deterritorialized the tenor saxophone by playing his horn through distorting stacks of guitar amplifiers and PA systems. As a researcher, he addresses issues around Noise, marginal artistic practices, politics of sound and critical listening.

His works have been presented at numerous festivals around the globe such as the trasmediale festival Berlin or the Audio Art Festival in Krakow. He curates platforms and festivals of experimental sonics and is also the editor of the publication Multiple.

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inthenight prod.
antoine chessex

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Produced by Federal Office of Culture, Bern
Project Management | Giada Marsadri

Production | inthenight prod.
Film by | Julien Chavaillaz & Cyprien Corminboeuf
Sound | Camille Bonard
Edit | Julien Chavaillaz
Mix | Grégoire Pasquier
Translation | Transit TXT Ag
Graphic design | Herendi Artemisio

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