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Untitled IV

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QNG quartet new generation
Composition, Chamber music
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Added on 9 September 2019

Untitled IV (atemlos) 2011-2012 by Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri Written for QNG Quartet New Generation. Sound devices developed in collaboration with Pe Lang Untitled IV is both a composition and installation work that consists of four prepared recorders (19 parts) with one end open and the other closed with an elastic silicone membrane. A nylon line is fastened through a hole at the center of the membrane; the end of the nylon line is loosely secured to a wooden rosined motor-driven rod to produce friction. The sound is produced by the nylon line causing the membrane to vibrate by friction. The sound of Untitled IV can be influenced by manipulating the tension of the nylon lines, changing the speed of the motor, turning on and off the motors, depressing the membrane with the fingers while it is vibrating to vary the pitch or by playing on the keys. Commissioned by QNG -Quartet New Generation Kindly supported by Berliner Kompositionsstipendien 2011 and Academie Schloss Solitude First Performance: January 2012 Ultraschall Festival / Berlin Musikinstrumenten Museum Pe Lang pelang.ch QNG quartetnewgeneration.de Akademie Schloss Solitude akademie-solitude.de
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Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri

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Berliner Kompositionsstipendien 2011
Academie Schloss Solitude

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