Jean-Luc Darbellay - SEQUENCES für Saxofonquartett - neo
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SEQUENCES für Saxofonquartett

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Composition, Chamber music
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Added on 16 August 2019

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SÉQUENCES, a commission of the „klang art concerts“ row, run by the Franz Gertsch Museum in Burgdorf, was written for the XASAX Quartet and premiered in 2009.
I am again and again fascinated by the specifities of the instruments I am writing for, also in this case.
The piece consists of very contrasting, in some cases quite short „séquences“, using a large range of saxophone particularities. The key noises of saxophones produce a special sound, that can be used as a quite intense „tutti“ effect covering a large range of frequences. The first piece is an exploration of some of the elements contained in the „key-clusters“.
The slap-notes are also a caracteristic „signature“ of the saxophones. I use them throughout in the second piece.
But the most interesting phenomenon ist he bright sound of the ensemble with an extraordinary capacity of fusion. You are forgetting the four instruments, hearing only one rich, expressive and beautiful sound.


46 plays