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Erik Truffaz | Swiss Grand Award for Music 2023

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Erik Truffaz
Erik Truffaz
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Added on 14 August 2023


The great trumpet lyricist

Erik Truffaz is one of today's great crossers of musical borders. Born in 1960 near Geneva, the trumpeter combines genres such as jazz, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, pop and electronica to create music that is as innovative as it is popular. Since the landmark album "Bending New Corners", released in 1999 on the legendary Blue Note label, Truffaz has become one of the most important figures in recent jazz history.

In the course of his long career, Erik Truffaz has developed a recognisable, lyrical sound. His trumpet can be heard in the most diverse combinations and collaborations: Truffaz has played with singers such as Rokia Traoré and Sophie Hunger (Swiss Grand Award for Music 2016) and has kept his finger on the pulse with his quartet for decades. Thanks to his curiosity and open-mindedness, he has promoted musicians of the younger generation, such as the drummer Arthur Hnatek, winner of a Swiss Music Prize in 2022.

His innovative power also brings Truffaz, who has repeatedly been compared to Miles Davis, back to the golden age of cinema: on his new album "Rollin’'", he interprets classic film soundtracks with fellow musicians such as bassist Marcello Giuliani (Swiss Music Prize 2018). The big screen belongs to the instrumentalist who, despite his great successes, always puts the collective first.

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