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Sonja Moonear
Sonja Moonear
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Added on 29 August 2023


Shaper of Swiss DJ and club culture

Sonja Mounir, aka Sonja Moonear, is one of the most respected DJs and music producers in Swiss club culture. The sets of this Geneva native, born in 1978, are characterized by a stylistic diversity that makes categorization impossible. She combines house and techno with experimental sounds and created a very personal musical language for the dancefloor.

After training as a classical pianist, Sonja Moonear turned to club culture. She experimented with turntables and the legendary Roland R-8 drum machine and moved into the Geneva underground. It was there that her DJ career took off in a big way from 2002: she was resident DJ at the club Weetamix and has since been performing at renowned clubs and festivals around the world. In 2017, Sonja Moonear was one of the protagonists of the impressive techno documentary "Denke ich an Deutschland in der Nacht" (Thinking of Germany at Night), alongside the internationally acclaimed Berlin DJ and musician Ricardo Villalobos.

In addition to her DJ career, Sonja Moonear produces her own tracks, works as a sound designer for the French-speaking Swiss television station RTS and releases remixes on prestigious labels such as Karat and Rawax. This year, her collaboration with the Hamburg band Wareika will be released on the latter label. Sonja Moonear is also active behind the scenes: due to her inventiveness, she has been a lasting inspiration for Swiss and international club culture both as a label manager and promoter.

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