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Added on 23 August 2023


Swiss German becomes an international language

Rapper Pronto is one of the most influential and successful figures in the emerging Swiss trap scene. The tracks of the musician, born in Solothurn in 1993, extend far beyond the language borders despite the Swiss German lyrics. Hits like "Priceless" already count over 19 million streams on streaming services like Spotify. Pronto strikes a chord with a young audience, both in his second home country of Ghana and in European countries such as Germany, Spain and France.

In the artistic language of Pronto, whose real name is Senyoh Mensah, the here and now pulsates. He combines his everyday Swiss-German with English slang. To understand the lyrics, you have to listen carefully: Pronto's rap technique is based on the young artistic tradition of an indistinct pronunciation. This gives his music an extra presence.

In addition to guest appearances with groups like Lo & Leduc or artists like Stereo Luchs, the mostly self-produced album "LUNO V" was released at the end of 2022. "LUNO V" is another milestone in the still young career of a unique trap artist for whom Swiss German is a global musical language.

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