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delirious patterns

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Added on 28 November 2022

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vocal music

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This piece is a study on patterns based on Morton Feldman’s vocal composition Three Voices. Feldman’s piece consists of very small and simple patterns that take a seemingly spontaneous and non-oriented journey through various landscapes. The piece to me has a ghost-like appearance. This specific aura is (originally) generated through Joan La Barbara’s prerecorded two voices, and yet missing bodies on stage. Things that are there, but not there, and hence visualize the immediate presence of the voices in inseparable proximity.
In Delirious Patterns, instead of creating additional voices, the four voices of the bodies, present on stage, are being ring modulated and therefore create a multitude of timbral, inconclusive characters, which are there, but also not. The patterns themselves hold a specific physicality. As soon as the singers internalize a pattern, thus make its body visible, it changes its shape and continues its disoriented journey.

4 plays