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Endo Anaconda - Swiss Music Prize 2017

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Endo Anaconda
Endo Anaconda
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Added on 26 September 2022


Born in 1955 in Burgdorf, Endo Anaconda alias Andreas Flückiger is a cult figure. As Stiller Has he has lent his powerful blues voice to songs with a deeper meaning since 1989, initially with Balts Nill and, since 2005, in various line-ups; his latest album «Endosaurus Rex» was released in 2017. His full-on performing style is a phenomenon of nature, his repertoire of characters from Moudi (tomcat) to Hündeler (dog owner) Hunkeler part of Swiss cultural heritage. With Stiller Has, the poet Endo Anaconda has created a unique world of acerbic vocals and melancholy sounds.

Year of creation
Julien Chavaillaz & Mathieu Cacheux
endo anaconda

Credits and thanks

Produced by Federal Office of Culture, Bern
and Collection films, Paris/Lausanne

Project Management - Martine Chalverat
Direction and editing - Julien Chavaillaz & Mathieu Cacheux
Image - Maxime Kathari / Baptiste Provini
Production - Collection films / Tom Guex
Sound - Grégoire Pasquier
Translation - Ariane Zehnder
Calibration - Mathieu Cacheux
Graphic Design - Noémie Gygax

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