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Vera Kappeler - Swiss Music Prize 2017

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Vera Kappeler
Vera Kappeler
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Added on 26 September 2022


Pianist and harmonium player Vera Kappeler, who was born in Basel in 1974, is impossible to pigeonhole. Her music ranges from quirky sound experiments to chansons by Paul Burkhard, from old folk songs to music for the theatre or visual artists. In all her productions, such as the solo programme «Grossmutters Flügel», her duo with the drummer Conradin Zumthor («Babylon-Suite», released by ECM) and collaborations with artists such as Marianne Racine («Tulaisia»), Vera Kappeler’s irrepressible creativity invariably shines through.

Year of creation
Julien Chavaillaz & Mathieu Cacheux
vera kappeler

Credits and thanks

Produced by Federal Office of Culture, Bern
and Collection films, Paris/Lausanne

Project Management - Martine Chalverat
Direction and editing - Julien Chavaillaz & Mathieu Cacheux
Image - Maxime Kathari
Production - Collection films / Tom Guex
Sound - Grégoire Pasquier
Translation - Ariane Zehnder
Calibration - Fabio Caldironi
Graphic Design - Noémie Gygax

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