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Noldi Alder – Swiss Music Prize 2018

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Noldi Alder
Noldi Alder
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Added on 24 October 2022


Noldi Alder, who was born in Urnäsch in 1953, is one of folk music’s great innovators. A former member of the legendary band «Alderbuebe», he has been experimenting with folk, classical and new sounds since 1996 as a composer, arranger, violinist, dulcimer player and natural yodeller.

He has blazed his own unique trail between rigid convention and lively modernity in ground-breaking groups such as Das Neue Original Appenzeller Streichmusik Projekt («The New Original Appenzell String Music Project»), in films such as «Heimatklänge» («Echoes of Home») and as a field researcher, opera composer and improviser.

Year of creation
Julien Chavaillaz & Collection films
noldi adler

Credits and thanks

Produced by Federal Office of Culture, Bern
and Collection, Paris/Lausanne

Project management - Martine Chalverat
Direction - Julien Chavaillaz
Image - Maxime Kathari
Sound - Grégoire Pasquier
Production -Julien Chavaillaz & Collection
Translation - Nicolas Cacheux
Editing & Calibration - Mathieu Cacheux
Graphic design - Noémie Gygax

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