Swiss Music Prizes - Marcel Gschwend aka Bit-Tuner – Swiss Music Prize 2015 - neo
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Marcel Gschwend aka Bit-Tuner – Swiss Music Prize 2015

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Marcel Gschwend aka Bit-Tuner
Marcel Gschwend aka Bit-Tuner
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Added on 15 September 2022


Marcel Gschwend, aka Bit-Tuner, was born in St. Gallen in 1978 and lives and works in Zurich. Self-taught, he has been producing electronic music since 1997 and routinely teams up with other artists – with interesting results. His incomparable style has developed over the 15 years of his musical career and encompasses hip-hop beats as well as elements of dubstep, electronica and noise. In addition to his solo project as Bit-Tuner, Marcel Gschwend is a regular member of the band Stahlberger, acting as both songwriter and arranger for their productions.

Year of creation
Julien Gremaud, Noémie Gygax

Credits and thanks

Swiss Music Prize 2015
Edited by Federal Office of Culture, Berne
Project managers: Martine Chalverat

Art directors: Noémie Gygax, Julien Gremaud
Direction and editing: Olivier Bemer
Production and interview: Julien Gremaud
Sound designer: Aurélien Hamm
Graphic design: Noémie Gygax
Translation: Lisa Stein

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