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Hans Wüthrich – Swiss Music Prize 2016

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Hans Wüthrich
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Added on 21 September 2022


With his blend of language and music, Hans Wüthrich from Bern, who celebrates his 80th birthday next year, has become a key figure in contemporary European cultural creativity. A doctor of philosophy and linguist, professor of music theory but, first and foremost, a thinker of unlimited imagination, Hans Wüthrich creates works that are a unique mixture of theatre and music.

Honoured by the worlds of both composition and theatre, he is also a member of the Akademie der Künste Berlin.

Year of creation
Julien Gremaud, Noémie Gygax
hans wüthrich

Credits and thanks

Swiss Music Prize 2016
Edited by Federal Office of Culture, Berne
Project managers: Martine Chalverat

Art directors: Noémie Gygax, Julien Gremaud
Direction and editing: Olivier Bemer
Production and interview: Julien Gremaud
Sound designer: Aurélien Hamm
Graphic design: Noémie Gygax

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