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Funkloch On Air_mix

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Improvisation, Ensemble
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Added on 14 December 2020

Year of creation
experimental contemporary musik

Credits and thanks

Experimental studio concerts since 2018
with live broadcast on SO21 RadioLora Art Radio / Sundays 21:00
From December 2020 we will stream our concert live also on Youtube

Funkloch Ensemble
Petra Ronner, piano, electronics
Lara Stanic, flute, electronics
Sebastian Hofmann, percussion, electronics, organization, technology, space
Heidi Hiltebradt, video stream
Description and impression / Text by Andreas Pfister
Stairs down at Stationsstrasse 5a to the drum studio : Cymbals, percussion instruments, cables - and each time a different setup. A guest - a composer, an artist - has sent the ensemble a concept. At three o'clock in the afternoon they rehearsed, then pizza and later a concert. It's Sunday night, nine o'clock. With beer and chips we listen; a production with minimal preparations. It's a trial,a an attempt. With beer and chips we listen; a production with minimal preparations, experimental, It's a trial, an attempt, an experiment. We're in it, we're part of it. This is how Sunday ends; quite openly.
Our guest composers
Anselm Caminada, Cyril Lim, Quido Senn, Tom Huber ,Vincent Glanzmann, Chrstoph Grab
Karin Ernst, Leo Collin, Annette Schmucki, Christian Wolfahrt, Peter Färber
Peter Emch / 8. March 2020
Iris Rennert / 5. July 2020,
Joke Lanz / 30. August 2020
Petra Ronner/ 18. Oktober 2020
Manuela Keller / 13. December 2020

Franziska Bruecker / 16. 1.2021
Dorothea Rust / 24. 1. 2021
Joana Maria Aderi / 28. 3. 2021
Leo Hofmann / 27. 6. 2021

22 plays