Simone Keller - Klaviersonate Nr. 6 (1988) - neo
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Klaviersonate Nr. 6 (1988)

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Added on 3 January 2021


Galina Ustwolskaja demands everything of the performer. Her music is known for its dynamic extremes, ranging from “pppp” to “ffff” — the quietest to the loudest — with little in between. In her sixth piano sonata (1988) the soloist has to strike the keys so forcefully that bleeding knuckles are not uncommon…

Live Performance of the sixth sonata at Moods during the Festival "Breaking Boundaries", October 2020
Simone Keller, piano

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Галина Ивановна Уствольская (1919-2006): Шестая соната для фортепиано (1988)

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