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Andreas Schaerer – Swiss Music Prize 2014

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Andreas Schaerer
Composition, Vocal music
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Added on 1 May 2020


Andreas Schaerer was born in Visp in 1976 and lives in Berne. A beatboxer and vocalist, he is one of the most talented sound artists in Europe. As well as being able to imitate perfectly a whole range of percussion instruments, he also displays unparalleled versatility as a singer, be it as a classical tenor or in the realms of death metal and traditional pop.

He showcases his talents in more than 120 concerts a year in various guises and is currently involved in five projects: Hildegard Lernt Fliegen, Rom/Schaerer/Eberle, Andreas Schaerer & Lucas Niggli, Das Beet and Schaerer/Oester. Alongside these, he frequently collaborates with the greats of jazz and improvisation, including Bobby McFerrin and the ARTE Quartett. Schaerer won the ZKB Jazz Prize in 2008 with the group Hildegard Lernt Fliegen, which translates as “Hildegard learns to fly”.

Year of creation
Julien Gremaud, Noémie Gygax
2014, premi svizzer da musica, premio svizzero di musica, prix suisse de musique, schweizer musikpreis, andreas schaerer

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Swiss Music Prize 2014
Edited by Federal Office of Culture, Berne
Project manager: Martine Chalverat, Alexandra Talman
Art directors: Julien Gremaud, Noémie Gygax
Interview and production: Julien Gremaud
Direction and editing: Olivier Bemer
Sound designer: Aurélien Hamm
Translation: Florian Buerki, Emanuele Marcuccio
Graphic design: Noémie Gygax

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