Katharina Rosenberger - PORTFOLIO - Vignette 4 (2010) for flute, electronics and photography - neo
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PORTFOLIO - Vignette 4 (2010) for flute, electronics and photography

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Katharina Rosenberger Christoph Boesch Thomas Peter
Thomas Peter Christoph Boesch
Composition, Chamber music
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Added on 13 January 2020

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#photography, #boesch/peter/rosenberger, #electronics, #contemporaryflute

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PORTFOLIO - Vignette 4 is based on “photocycle” Nr. 2 (Sarah Girard)

Interpretations, transformations and responses to visual impulses these are procedures at the heart of the Swiss music collective Bösch / Peter / Rosenberger. Their first larger project “PORTFOLIO” is dedicated to the concept of “origins” and to photography. As a point of departure serves the portfolio of three prominent Swiss photographers: Robert Frank (1924), Christian Lichtenberg (1953), and Sarah Girard (1978). Three generations of artists, well travelled, observant of culture and rituals, present in their artwork distinct perspectives of belonging and heritage.

Composer Katharina Rosenberger’s adaptation of the photographs are captured in a series of mobile vignettes and interludes whose organization and spatial placement unfold “live” in the performance by flutist Christoph Boesch and laptop artist Thomas Peter.


42 plays