Marco Antonio Pérez-Ramirez - ATACAMA (Enescu Festival 2019) - neo
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ATACAMA (Enescu Festival 2019)

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Orchestre Symphonique de Bucarest Nicolae Moldoveanu Feng Ning
Composition, Orchestra
21 tracks

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Added on 17 October 2019

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ATACAMA , violin concerto (2005),
in memoriam Iannis Xenakis.

version at ENESCU FESTIVAL 2019
Feng Ning, violin.
Nicolae Moldoveanu, direction.
Orchestre Symphonique de Bucarest

Atacama is a harsh, arid, somewhat rough work, although constantly nurished from a strong expressive tension. The piece features dry sounds, with no resonance, sharp and cutting as desert stones. From the very beginning the violin sets the image, breaking abruptly the silence, it relentlessly keeps attacking, tearing and shouting silences, supported by a sharp and dry orchestral writing, barely coloured by only a few percussion interventions.
This work goes straight-forward, masses moving ahead relentlessly. There are turnings and windings to get lost in, but the music always avoids tics of composers, proceeding straight forward and letting its voice out.
A voice simply confessing my strong admiration for Iannis Xenakis music. My life was put upside down by his work.
Atacama is the name of the most arid desert in the world, located in my home land, Chile.
Marco Antonio Perez-Ramirez

1772 plays