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WALLA - First Scene From The Opera

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Tapiwa Svosve Renzo Spotti Wolfgang Häuptli Read more
Composition, Orchestra
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Added on 11 January 2022

Werke 1989 - 2021
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4. WALLA I, First Scene from the opera

Soloists: Rober Koller, Magdalena Peter, Wolfgang Häuptli, Renzo Spotti
conductor: Thomas Eckert
Produced by GlooDivers, ©+2016+

WALLA is a work in progress by Thise Gloor. This is the movie from the first performance 6th of March 2015 at Classroom, now RAUm132, Wetzikon.
(1. Kraissler 1.1
2. Kraissler 1.2
3. Kraissler 1.3
5. Dedie Ahhh
6. Relaxin' n Rellykon

WALLA- Orchestra are:
Robert Koller, WOTAN, bass-bariton
Magdalena Peter, FRICKA, sopran
Thise Gloor, prod., comp.
Thomas Eckert, cond.
Hieronymus Schädler, fl. picc.
Michael Meyer, fl.
Dieter Fanghänel, clar.
Fritz Gloor, b-cl.
Magdalena Peter, bassoon
Tapiwa Svosve, a- sax
Renzo Spotti, t- sax
Wolfgang Häuptli, tr.
Florian Weiss, tromp
Don Randolf, b-tromb.
Dominik Burger, vib.
Vincent Glanzmann, timp. gl., perc.
Fredi Schmid, dr.
Thise Gloor, p.
Christian Strässle, v.
Rebekka Peter, v.
Markus Baumgartner, v.
Thomas Hirt, cb.

31 plays