Yes It's Ananias - The Third Era - neo
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The Third Era

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Nicolas Streichenberg
Improvisation, Solo
4 tracks

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Added on 8 November 2021

Yes It's Ananias III: The Commencement Of The Third Era
Year of creation
Yes It's Ananias Audio Produktionen
klavier, piano concerto, solo, piano

Credits and thanks

Second Single from an upcoming work:
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First new Studio Original-Music in 6 years by Swiss Pianist YIA

Have you yet realized, you’ve been in the middle of an awakening? Aren‘t you listening? Are you deaf? Is your heart not working anymore? The older two eras are over and within your power of crafting yourself a new sky (you’ll paint it silver-blue), so may the sky lead you to the very shiny place you’re not even capable dreaming of. The spotlight in a dark old forest where you learn to wait and starve. Where you teach your body to not let you down and never spill a drop of a heavy raindrop that will wash you clean but yet makes you cold in the darkest night. But with the awaited dawn of light, you might find the sky’s white bright. The third era has arrived.

released October 29, 2021
Music written by Yes It's Ananias
Poem written by Nicolas Streichenberg
Artwork by Lea Huser
Mixed by Martin Hofstetter at ho-fi ton Zürich and Yes It's Ananias
Mastered at Monoposto Mastering Düsseldorf by Michael Schwalbe

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