Yes It's Ananias - Vollenweider - neo
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Nicolas Streichenberg
Composition, Solo
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Added on 26 November 2021

Yes It's Ananias III: The Commencement Of The Third Era
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Yes It's Ananias Audio Produktionen
piano, swissmusic, aargau, steinwayandsons, grandpiano, upright, solo, solopiano, iii, yia, yes it's ananias

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III. Single from an upcoming work:
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First new Studio Original-Music in 6 years by Swiss Pianist YIA
The coast is always changing. The water bites within the smallest steps, chipping off some of the earth’s soil. The sea appears beautiful and refreshing. The sky is limitless, yet below you get reflections of yourself and there it is! Not far away you see a blurred version of you in the everlasting waves and splashes of the cold water. Long for silence. It’s calling you. It has written your name under its wrapped up coat. It will keep you warm forever. And ever. And the ever. Does it make sense that you see reflections because the light of the suns is beaming right on it? Yes? You see the inner Ananias in you that reflects the good and the bad? Can you call it out? The fifth step has approached, Yes. It’s Ananias.
released November 26, 2021
Music written by Yes It's Ananias
Poem written by Nicolas Streichenberg
Artwork by Lea Huser
Mixed by Martin Hofstetter at ho-fi ton Zürich and Yes It's Ananias
Mastered at Monoposto Mastering Düsseldorf by Michael Schwalbe

9 plays