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Interdisciplinary, Multimedia
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Added on 17 February 2021


Live in Hyperlokal-Zürich

In the manner of a search engine around the word “meduse”. Medusen reveals links between elements which seem at first sight heterogeneous, crossing Greek mythology, science and human history.
Medusen is a multi-perspective performance, which includes a video-walk audio-walk, a treasure-hunt, a guided city tour, a concert and an installation.
Each listener-viewer can select different character paths to unravel a case with another point of view.
Like investigators, the audience discovers the character’s mind, walking between old hegemonic patterns and dopamine.
As a navigator who interprets the sky through constellations to move forward through waters. Medusen activates the imagination of the audience to face their own reality

Year of creation
Léo Collin

Credits and thanks

conception, video-music composition, libretto 
leo collin
technical director- concept
leandro gianini
video text concept
nuriia khasenova, kay zhang Cimon Finix
stage designer/costume
mariana vieira
sofwares designer
dalius singer
hardware, music instruments eric larrieux, kaspar könig

Dave Masu for the video editing

Réné Girard le rôle de la violence dans la culture
Hélène Cixous le rire de medusa et autres
Theodore Géricault le naufrage de la meduse
A.Souzenelle Œdipe intérieur Desmond Davis Le choc des titans
G.Mahler second symphonie  L.Berio Sinfonia
Philip Kerr Berlin trilogy
Raymond Queneau le naufrageOvide métamorphoses

48 plays