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baleen (trailer)

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Added on 12 July 2019


Trailer gessnerallee theater zurich switzerland 2019

A recording of a priest who comments the book of Jonas and all our human fears, a clarinetist and a trombonist who imitate the sound of a whale with their instruments, the song Flying whales, a malaise when shopping at the supermarket. Sounds and images processing in real time. A fascination for blockbuster movies. A colonized thought we run away from. but not.

A collection of things who turns as turn-tables, kitchen objects, mixers, carrousels.
A hate-relationish with plastic. Some lecture of Moby Dick, but not really.

A cooking show. A whale watching tour.
A couple who have never loved each other, a girl who vomits everywhere, a shipwreck, some salt, some paraffin to make candles, a progressive love of the matter and the reality, hacked circular kitchen objects and a match of hockey.

Year of creation
Léo Collin

Credits and thanks

dedicated to Eric Daubresse (1954-2018)

conception, video/music composition libretto and stage direction
leo collin
technical director
leandro gianini
sofware designer-live electronics
dalius singer
stage designer-costume
mariana vieira
engineering hardware-arduino
eric larrieux

crew performers
kay zhang
nuriya khasenova
cimon finix
cécile lassonde
antoine lang
felix del tredici
bernadette köbele
francesca sproccati
eva sulai
isandro ojeda garcia

828 plays