Pengyi Li - ...Mutiple...Simple....--For Bass mouthpiece, Oboe bell, Flute, piano and strings - neo
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...Mutiple...Simple....--For Bass mouthpiece, Oboe bell, Flute, piano and strings

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IEMA Ensemble
Composition, Chamber music
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Added on 5 February 2024


A hypothetical experiment: The process of bringing or returning 6 mutiple persons to a unite(simple) condition or state.Maybe it can hit at our present-day diverse world. First, I conceived all the gestures of the piece belonging to three groups. Some gestures have similar characteristics between groups, whereas others are unique to each group. Second, I divided these “persons”into three different types of "groups" by their character and personality. They are combination flute and bass mouthpiece, combination oboe bell and violin, one violin(group A: a family that tolerate different features about different personality and views), cello, double bass (group B: a family emphasizing similarity) and piano (group C: the king of instrument, which means omnipotent). Based on this, the work is divided into two parts for development. The first part describes the process of the development of the groups from their respective development to the simultaneous development. In the connection part, it is clear that all the instruments are merged into the same dimension. The second part gradually integrates their respective sounds on the basis of the same dimension, and gradually has a high degree of similarity. In the coda part, all the parts are concentrated on D natural harmonic, which freezes the principle of gradually simplifying and unifying from the multi-faceted sound of this work.

Year of creation
Lucerne Festival Academy
chamber music

8 plays