Andrzej Ojczenasz - Cántico for string trio - neo
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Cántico for string trio

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Composition, Chamber music
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Added on 4 February 2024


The piece is inspired by Cantice of Zechariah from Matins prayers. The deep construction of the piece contains skeleton of Gregorian choral and a motet written by Thomas Louis da Victoria. I wanted to interpret the text and dramaturgy of the Cantice, "Preces and Responses" way of performing, at the final, contain them in the form of my piece in a new, modern way. The piece connects old school of counterpoint and modern, sonoristic colours.

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violin - Thaïs Louvert
viola - Theresa Burggaller
cello - Pauline Ngolo

Swiss premiere performance, recorded during Uraufführungsabend der Kompositionsklassen Konzert
21.01.2024, 19:45, Toni-Areal, Konzertsaal 1, Ebene 7, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, Zürich

7 plays