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Visitors I (excerpt 1)

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Interdisciplinary, Multimedia
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Added on 26 May 2023


VISITORS @ Ausstellungsraum Klingental
A Multiversal Score
Vernissage: 28.08.2020 | 20h
Sound installation: 28.08. - 19.09.2020

VISITORS is inspired by the methods of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Sound material is composed in suspension, combining sound and image with analogue and digital technologies. A circuit regulates itself, and feedback and audible magnetic fields create sound surfaces: original recordings contrast with deep humming, clacking, electric whirring, voices, tape and air sounds, Doppler effects and slight glissandi. DIY made rotary speakers showing the possibilities of ghosts and other kinds of life forms living inside a certain space or inside the electricity grids. It’s a piece dedicated to detect voices of the ghosts hidden in radio static.

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Silas Gotsch

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