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Added on 17 November 2022

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Quiet Love Records
electronic, ambient, violin

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Closer, the second LP from composer / violinist Tobias Preisig, is a collection of detailed vignettes – compositions that have the feel of photos which were taken using multiple exposures. Prismatic and layered. It’s a very intimate work; not only in terms of subject matter, but also in how the violin is played and rendered. It feels as if it was recorded in “macro:" every single sound full of detail and up close. The record is the second part of a conceptual triptych. This time, Preisig decided to explore a very simple question: what does the ordinary sound like? Or, in his own words, “what do you feel when you walk through your neighbourhood over and over again? How would you address that using sound? And, with that, articulate the true worth of something that you could just as easily take for granted.”

single Closer released November 17, 2022

Tobias Preisig violin/mellotron/fieldrecordings

Jan Wagner additional Synths

Produced by Jan Wagner
Recorded by Tobias Preisig & Jan Wagner
Mixed by Jan Wagner
Mastered by Dan Suter

Recorded 2020 and 2021 at several good places in and outside of Zurich, Berlin and Provence

All Music composed by Tobias Preisig and arranged by Jan Wagner

6 plays