Svetlana Maraš - Myself (Matter of fact) - neo
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Myself (Matter of fact)

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Interdisciplinary, Multimedia
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Added on 15 June 2022

Year of creation
sound art, multimedia, installation

Credits and thanks

Matter of fact is a cut-up composition and audio-visual installation that consists of 5 shorter pieces: Myself, Depression, Society, Differences, People.
Each track was made out of lyrics snippets taken from the interviews with artists from all over the world, made for the purpose of the Seismographic sounds exhibition, curated by the Norient collective from Switzerland.

Commissioned by Norient and CTM for «Seismographic Sounds» exhibition at the CTM Festival 2016 Berlin, MATTER OF FACT premiered as an interactive installation.


Sampled artists and scholars
Ali GulPir, Bishi, Bojan Djordjevic, C-drík Fermont, Chameleone, David Oppenheim, Effy B, Garo Gdanian, Graeme Miller, Heta Bilaletdin, Kamilya Jubran, Keko, Leila McCalla, Mazen Kerbaj, Meira Asher, Minuit De Lacroix, O-Marz, Christoph Oggierman, Patrick Kessler, Salome MC, Silvana Imam, Temi Dollface, Umlilo, Wayne Marshall, Yemi Alade

Svetlana Maras - concept, sound, realization
Deana Petrovic - animation
Valentina Brkovic - graphics
Bojana Petkovic - CD cover design
Sasa Jankovic - mastering
Co-production and distribution Norient

2 plays