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Steps - 37

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Interdisciplinary, Performance
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Added on 15 June 2022

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synthisizer, ems synthi 100, synthi, experimental, electronic

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This is one of 3 tracks that were made solely by using analogue synthesizer - EMS Synthi 100. For each track, there was a single patch and the material was recorded live in one go. Rhythmical synchronization of the material was done by using the Synthi's sequencer. Simple live manipulations included putting a pin or two in and out and switching on and off the mixer channels. Additional panning of each individual channel was done on a computer. These tracks demonstrate the effect of extremely simplified musical material produced by using the not-so-simple sound tool (for the reference, try figuring out and programming a Synthi 100 sequencer:)). Tracks are named by the number of sequencer steps used in that piece.

Recorded live at Electronic Studio-Radio Belgrade, 2019
©Svetlana Maraš
All rights reserved
released April 15, 2020

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