Nicolas Buzzi - Us VIII/VII/IX - Unison in Seven Parts for One Body of Eight Voices - neo
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Us VIII/VII/IX - Unison in Seven Parts for One Body of Eight Voices

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Added on 3 December 2020

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Recording of the Performance at Predigerkirche Basel, 02.12.2020

The human voice is a hybrid of body and atmosphere, it is time-based, moves through space, it comes from an incredibly precise organ. It is as personal as the tip of a finger and, better than a stone's throw, is able to reach suitably distant people. The voice is an interface between body and outside world. An attempt of the body to expand its materiality if you will. The voice activates the material surrounding us, sets particles in vibration to send out what the person speaking or singing wants to communicate. The voice can thus reach other bodies, which in turn can transform the vibration of the material around them into information. If these bodies decide to join in, to sing along or to speak, a choir is formed and with it a sound body, which itself can be understood as an entity. Through the voice as an expanding, connecting element, from a group of people - clearly distinguishable from the eye as independent persons - a body is created, through the consensus of synchronicity.
Until a voice begins to solicit.
In Us VIII/VII/IX, Nicolas Buzzi uses basic parameters of the physics of sound and findings from the field of perceptual psychology to combine eight synthetic voices into one sound entity that surrounds the audience. In the reverse, the same findings allow individual elements to gradually break out of this whole, to demonstrate their independence. In this way, the work creates an alternating bath between unison and dense polyphony.

2284 plays