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Teleprompter Paradise

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Interdisciplinary, Performance
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Added on 19 September 2020

In Teleprompter Paradise, two twins are looking for their true purpose in a state between conducting, playing and listening to music. Imitating themselves and other people, they unfold a playground between home studio, nursery and big stage. In a mixture of a musical performance and a live radio drama, they play bittersweet electronica with their eyelashes and synth symphonies via mind control. With their voices, speakers, multicolored wands, real and fake gestural controllers, they probe future forms of instrumentality and interactive music practice. Addressing traditional questions of opera, as well as live phenomena of contemporary EDM, this Electronica Melodrama evokes a playful interconversion between both: Examining the contrasts between medial fixation and elusiveness, the twins guide the audience through a set of short scenes untill everything becomes indistinguisable - like themselves.
Year of creation
Leo Hofmann

Credits and thanks

Leo Hofmann (concept, composition, performance)
Filomena Krause (performance)
Benjamin van Bebber (outside eye)
Andi Otto (sound)

4 plays