Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson - That Got Away 2017 solo piano Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson - neo
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That Got Away 2017 solo piano Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson

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Annalisa Orlando piano
Composition, Solo
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Added on 15 September 2020

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That Got Away... Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson In 19 sections: 1. Prologue 2.The Statement 3. Variation 1. 4. Variation 2 5.Variation 6. With Closed Eyes 7. "For Bessie Nager" Kunstleren in memory (1962-2009). 8.He's Gone 9."For Professor Leroy J. Hicks"
10.The Village Is Gone 11. For Iannis Xenakis 12. The Memory of.... 13. Holding on... To... 14.In An Instant... 15. For Anas Al-Basha 24 years old. the Clown of Aleppo 16. the calm stillness within the whirling space 17. For John C. Eaton (1935-2015), composition teacher 18. Perpetual Motion in memory Julius Eastman 19. Joining of Hands to Form a Circle.

2 plays