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WeSpoke: Le Corbusier

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Added on 3 July 2020

We Spoke: Le Corbusier (2012) Le Corbusier, based around the work and friends of the great architect, suggests a journey into the different relations between music and architecture or space. Le Corbusier worked closely with composer and architect Iannis Xenakis and composer Edgar Varèse. The first half of the concert is closely linked withLe Corbusier’s character while the second part deals with the uses and characteristics of architecture as life space, artwork, piece of history, and concert hall. Programme The structured space Rebonds A (1989) Iannis Xenakis, France The projected space Concret PH (1959) Iannis Xenakis, France The inhabited space Bedtime Stories (1985) Tom Johnson, USA The family space Correspondance (2012,création) Serge Vuille, Switzerland The cartographic space Variation IV (1963) John Cage, USA The acoustic space I’m Sitting in a Room (1969) Alvin Lucier, USA With Clara Meloni: Soprano Serge Vuille, Julien Annoni, Olivier Membrez: performance and piano Newton Armstrong: sound projection
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