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Prix Suisse de Musique (2019)

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d'incise tresque
Composition, Solo
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Added on 2 September 2019


Laurent Peter was born in Geneva in 1983. In his youth, he was drawn to the reggae, dub and drum ‘n’ bass played over sound systems in the city’s squats, and began making such music with the collective Audioactivity. Adopting the name “d’incise”, he discovered more experimental approaches. He performs both as a solo artist and with a frequent partner, Cyril Bondi, exploring the conceptual bonds that connect dub, electro-acoustic, improvised, composed, minimalist and traditional social music. The duo’s projects include La Tène, Diatribes, and Insub Meta Orchestra. Peter also records techno music under the name Tresque.

Year of creation

Credits and thanks

Produced by Federal Office of Culture, Bern
Project Management - Giada Marsadri

Production - Julien Chavaillaz | Annie Gisler
Direction - Julien Chavaillaz
Image - Maxime Kathari
Sound - Bruce Wuilloud
Edit - Cyprien Corminboeuf
Translation - Transit TXT Ag
Graphic design - Noémie Gygax

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