What is Neo?

Mx3.ch is a music platform for contemporary music launched by SRF2Kultur, RTS Espace 2, RSI Rete 2

The service is open to other radios and TVs.

Musicians and composers can present their works to the SRG editors and the rest of the world. Organisers and labels can register and discover Swiss contemporary music.

Why set up an account/login?

To take full advantage of everything Neo has to offer

If you want to communicate: When leaving a comment on a page, musicians and other users can come back to your personal page and post a reply.

If you want to play/perform: It is the best way to make and stay in contact with musicians interpreters, fans, record labels and festivals.

If you want to have fun: An account enables you to create playlists, browse concerts and make contact with your favourite musicians.

For professionals: It is the best way of staying on the loop and in direct contact with artists, booking agents, radio editors and record labels.

Who can register on Neo?

All Swiss or Swiss-based composers and interpreters for the Ensemble/artist accounts, as well as users, record labels, clubs and festivals worldwide for all other accounts. Partner accounts are subject to a previous approval by Neo.

What does it cost?

Neo is completely free of charge…

How do I register?

Click on “Sign up” at the top and follow the instructions, whether wish to create an artist, label, organiser, festival or fan account. Then fill in the registration form.

How to find everything on Neo?

The magnifying glass allows you to search by entering text directly, but you can search even more precisely by clicking on "Advanced Search" (under the normal search). You can then search by Audio or Video, composer, musicians, etc. but also musical genre, canton or playlist, radio and chronologically.

What does the "ON AIR" label mean?

It means that the piece is also being broadcasted on air and the logo of the radio station appears.

What do I have to do to be "On Air"?

These pieces of music are selected by the radio editors. The criteria you have to fulfil to be aired on the radio vary from station to station. Please see also: What do I have to do to be featured by one of the radio stations?

How do I sell my music on neo.mx3.ch?

Neo does everything possible to ensure that artists get maximum benefit from their compositions and performances.

If your music is already marketed online, simply enter the sales url in the field provided in the upload form. The "Buy" icon will then automatically appear.

What does "Flag this content" mean?

To report content which does not comply with Neo’s terms of use, you have to give the reason for your report, as well as a working e-mail address. Once you have clicked on the link, Neo will be notified.

What do I have to do to be featured by one of the radio stations?

Just listen to the radio and the program in which you would like to be broadcasted, then contact the music editors.

How do playlists work?

Like any Neo user with an account you can select titles and feature them in different playlists. Next to each work, function "add to a playlist” is there to compile playlists, you can then sort the titles by simple drag & drop.

How does the preview work?

It allows artists to present their work in short or abbreviated form. In the song settings you can define a start and end point of maximum 2min.

The users can simply activate preview mode or not the in the player or on the media page.

What does "SRG Production" mean?

These are works recorded by the various SRG channels. They have been selected and approved by the editors to appear on Neo.

Can I upload a SRG-produced work myself to Neo?

For artists who wish to upload one of their works recorded by the SRG that is not already featured on Neo, please get in touch by email at neo@mx3.ch to obtain the upload-rights from SRG.